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With This Method, The Corner Of The Sofa At Home Is Clean And Clean
Apr 29, 2017

With this method, the corner of the sofa at home is clean and clean

A beautiful little sofa, you can make the space more exciting. Fabric sofa is a common kind 

of sofa, because of its own color is bright, and can set off the space atmosphere, loved by 

everyone, and cloth sofa is also a more difficult to clean a fabric, choose what way to be able 

to Fabric sofa cleaning clean, and today by the nine home furnishing network and users to share

 the common skills of sofa cleaning.

Fabric sofa, divided into removable and non-removable view, can not be removed more difficult 

to care. On the market, most of the common look of the sofa is mostly non-removable. First of

 all we look at the non-removable fabric sofa how to clean it.

1, dust clean: first with the home of the vacuum cleaner, sofa surface dust sucked away, and 

then take a clean towel gently wipe the surface. We do not use plenty of water to scrub, because 

if the water penetrates into the sofa inside, it is likely to cause the sofa inside the frame of 

the damp deformation, sand release.

2, coffee and other colored drinks clean: If it is coffee and other drinks drop into the sofa 

cloth set, and immediately take a towel dipped in warm water, the beverage from the sofa cloth 

to suck out, and the sooner the better treatment, if once the time Elongation becomes difficult

 to deal with playing the stain.

3, the surface with flannel fabric sofa clean: brush with a small brush dipped in a little 

dilution of alcohol sweep again, and then dry hair dryer, in case of fruit juice stains, with a 

little soda and water and mix thoroughly, and then rubbed with a cloth Wipe, stains can also be 


Followed by a removable fabric sofa, this fabric sofa cleaning up relatively easy to point, after

 all, can be demolished, which is easy to clean the place. Cotton fabric sofa clean can be 

low-temperature washing, but try not to use washing machine cleaning, can not use bleach cleaning 

to avoid fading. The advantages of jacquard cloth sofa is not easy to fade, machine washable.

However, if the fabric to add artificial cotton, rayon, etc., must be dry cleaning. It should

 be noted that regardless of the printed cloth or jacquard cloth, when the composition of the

 fabric for the hemp, wool and other easy to shrink natural fibers, they can only dry cleaning.

For the fabric of the fabric, whether it is cashmere or cloth and then clean up we have to 

carefully wash. As long as we are clean and maintenance are diligent, the fabric of the sofa 

at home can certainly be long to maintain a beautiful style.

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