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Width:The Width Of The Width Is The Width Of The Fabric, That Is, The Actual Width Of The Fabric, The Fabric On Both Sides Of The Outer Edge Of The Distance Between The Warp.
Jun 19, 2017

1. The thicker the yarn, the greater the width of the door;

2. The heavier the finished product, the smaller the width of the door;

3. The greater the shrinkage, the greater the width of the door; (this general impact is very small, only 2-3CM up and down)

4. The structure of the needle will increase the width of the door, and flat needle will make the door width smaller;

In general, customers provide the original version of the latitude and longitude and density are confirmed by the good, in the big goods, if the width of the original than the original lot (error of an inch), it will cause the fabric exposed Is by the dense) and the weight of light. If there is elastic cloth, there may be trouble. The elasticity and shrinkage of the fabric are likely to be problematic. In short, the door width of the error, then the fabric weight and zonal retraction rate, style, the secret will have an impact.

Of course, sometimes other materials have a door width, such as a roll of paper width.

As usually,the long width can be 300cm this used in Curtains.

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