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What's The Difference Between Warp Knitted And Weft Knitted Fabrics?
Dec 26, 2018

Weft knitted fabric

Knitted fabric knitted horizontally. That is to say, the weft knitting machine makes the yarn reciprocate horizontally (or circularly) from one side of the machine to the other, and cooperates with the knitting needle movement to form a new knitting coil. The weft knitted yarn travels horizontally, and the fabric is formed by knitting the knitted needles in the horizontally direction into a series of loops which are connected up and down. All coils in a row are woven from a single yarn. Weft knitted fabrics can be finished on flat knitting machine or circular knitting machine.

Warp knitted yarns are warp knitted in warp knitted fabrics. Like warp yarns in woven fabrics, warp yarns are supplied by warp axes, which are wound in parallel rows, similar to warp axes in woven fabrics. The trend of yarn in warp knitted fabrics is directional. A vertical coil is formed in one column, and then obliquely moves to another column, forming another coil in the next column. The yarn moves in a zigzag shape from one side to the other along the length of the fabric. Each coil in a row is made of different yarns. Multiple yarns for warp knitting are looped along the longitudinal (longitudinal) sequence of the fabric surface at the same time.

Weft knitting is done by looping one or more yarns in a transverse (weft) sequence along the sector.

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