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What Kind Of Material Is Lycra?
Jul 25, 2017

The most commendable feature is the Lycra material can be stretched to the original length of 600% long and can change back to the original length. This feature is used to mix with other types of fibers to produce fabrics with different elasticity, wrinkle resistance and garments. And when you put in the hands, looks, but with ordinary natural fiber out of the same product.

Lycra LYCRA development milestone

Garments that contain Lycra LYCRA ingredients make the wearer feel free, but at the same time keep the clothes in shape without increasing wrinkles on the clothes. Whether it is adult or children's clothing, as long as the content contains a small amount of Lycra LKCRA ingredients, can greatly improve its comfort and its overall performance, whether it is ordinary consumers or garment manufacturing enterprises, all one that Lycra LKCRA for the world trend clothing A new inspiration and element.

Contains Lycra LYCRA clothing features

1, unparalleled fit and comfort.

2, activities freely.

3, not easy to wrinkle

4, strong tensile ability.

5, not easy to deformation.

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