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What Kind Of Fabric Suit The Best
Apr 21, 2017

What kind of fabric suit the best

First, wool blended fabric

1, wool and polyester blended fabric: the sun under the surface of a flash point, the lack of

 pure wool fabric soft soft feeling. Wool polyester (polyester wool) fabric crisp but the board hard feeling, and with the increase in polyester content and significantly prominent. Elastic

 than pure wool fabric is better, but feel less than pure wool and wool blended fabric. Clenched

 it loose, almost no crease.

2, wool and viscose blended fabric: shiny more bleak. Spinning class feel more weak, woolen class

 is loose. This kind of fabric elasticity and crisp sense of pure wool and wool polyester wool 

blended fabric. If the adhesive content is high, the fabric is easy to fold.

Second, pure wool fabric

1, pure wool worsted fabric: mostly thin texture, it is smooth, clear lines. Glossy natural soft,

 there is light. Body stiff, soft and flexible feel rich. Clenched it loose, basically no 

wrinkles, even with a slight crease can also disappear in a very short time.

2, pure wool woolen fabric: mostly thick texture, it is full, shiny soft and glanced barefoot. It

 faces and suede. The weave pattern is clear and rich. Feel gentle, crisp and flexible.

Third, pure chemical fiber wool fabric

Traditional to viscose, artificial wool fiber as raw material of wool-like fabric, shiny dim, 

feel weak, the lack of crisp sense. Due to poor flexibility, prone to wrinkles, and easy to 

subside. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wetting is significantly lower 

than that in the dry state, which is an effective method for the identification of viscose fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool-like fabric soaked after hardening thickening. With the 

progress of science and technology, wool-like products in the color, feel, durability has also 

made great progress.

Fourth, select the standard

In accordance with traditional standards, the higher the content of wool in the fabric, 

representing the higher the grade of the fabric, pure wool fabric is of course the best choice. 

However, the pure wool fabric in some areas also exposed its shortcomings, such as bulky, easy to

 play the ball, not wear and tear, in the closet hanging a little attention will be insects,

 mold, etc., these shortcomings caused by the high Suit maintenance cost.

As a young man, when buying suits, do not have to stick to the need for pure wool, or high-wool 

products. Buy warm and good autumn and winter suits, you can consider the pure wool or high-wool 

thick fabric, and spring and summer suits can be considered polyester fiber and rayon such 

chemical fiber blended fabric.

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