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What Is Twill? Introduction Of Twill Cloth
Apr 10, 2017

What is twill? Introduction of twill cloth

What is the twill weave? Twill cloth classification Introduction Fabric tissue for the two twill, 

45 ° left oblique cotton fabric. Facial twill lines are significant, variegated twill is not

 significant and not significant. The number of warp and weft yarn close to the close, the density

 is slightly higher than the mattress, feel soft than the card.

Sub-twill and fine twill two. The twill weave is made of more than 32 (18 English) or less,

 and weft yarn is used for weft yarn. Twill cloth with white, bleached and variegated varieties,

 commonly used as uniforms, sportswear, sports shoes folder, emery cloth and cloth lining material

. Wide bleaching twill cloth can be used as a single, after printing can also be used for bed cloth

. Yuan color and variegated twill cloth by electro-optical or calendering after the cloth bright,

 can be used for umbrella and clothing folder.

Jindi character twill is a rising fabric of mixed fiber fabric, it is like one of the practice of

 mixed fabric fabric, one from the special love of their personality, in addition to the benefits 

of fabric offer makes ordinary people can afford, the appearance Fresh and refined, personality 

attractive, texture, feel, personality, function and other aspects are better than other mixed

 fiber fabrics. Fabric selection polyester DTY75D silk and Jindi compound 160D for the material,

 the choice of twill arrangement, weaving in the water jet loom, has a series of dyeing and

 finishing from finishing. This cloth width of 150cm, about 120 grams per meter cloth, suitable

 for the manufacture of men and women pants, casual wear and ladies skirt and other clothing, 

into the upper body, both comfortable and comfortable, but also to do the fragrance.