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What Is The Swimsuit Cloth?
May 16, 2017

What is the swimsuit cloth?

What is the swimsuit cloth? From the 1930s to the present, swimsuit style change is not only the pursuit of beauty, but also 

directly affect the swimming speed. Especially as the development of the game swimsuit, the main purpose is to improve the 

swimming speed. To achieve this goal, we should first reduce the resistance of the style of swimming. In the effort to solve 

the style resistance, the swimmer swimsuit at least two small size, so that the body curve to keep smooth, so that the water can be faster through the body. Through the three-dimensional cut style, you can make the swimsuit and the body's chest, 

buttocks fit more closely, reduce resistance. Volkswagen swimsuit color patterns and styles with the combination of technology 

and culture with a new development, swimsuit fabrics and styles of large-scale use of new materials, new technology, new trends.

The structural design of the swimsuit fabric The use of the stretch elasticity of the fabric is complementary to the design of

 the parts in order to obtain the comfort performance without load-bearing and no restraint. Therefore, in the structure design of the swimsuit, in addition to conforming to the epidemic characteristics of the swimsuit, Pay more attention to its 

fabric and sewing process of rationality requirements.

Swimsuit structure design should show accurate human body profile, and give the waist, shoulder the necessary activities of 

the function, therefore, in the standard table for three-dimensional cutting easier to grasp the appearance of swimsuit, easy 

to determine the relationship between swimsuit and the structure of the human body, But not easy to control swimsuit fabric 

elasticity throughout the body evenly distributed, will cause the swimsuit on the human body to bind the pressure is not 

uniform. If the use of planar structure design method, the first design with the standard table or the human body surface 

morphology is fully consistent with the body of the basic pattern, and then, according to the structural characteristics of 

the fabric and the characteristics of the basic pattern of correction.

The elasticity of the swimsuit fabric is determined by the telescopic properties of the fiber material and the knitted fabric 

structure, reflecting the ability of the fabric to be deformed and restored. Spandex filament elongation of 100% or more, 

with good contraction, so that close to the body, and to the body a certain degree of elasticity, can reduce the movement caused by physical fatigue, improve physical strength, improve exercise efficiency, is ideal Elastic swimsuit material.

In addition, the swimsuit cloth tight body body profile also requires the fabric structure with warp and weft biaxial elastic, 

weft knitted fabric intertwined with the coil structure has good flexibility, especially in the rib fabric fabric zonal elasticity of the best. In the structure of the swimsuit design, should ensure that the swimsuit in close proximity to the human body, still with the body movement when the body surface deformation similar to the amount of expansion and contraction. 

For the zonal elastic elongation, the elongation of the elongated fabric, should reduce the swimsuit to make it tight fit, while increasing the length of the swimsuit to ensure that the amount of deformation required for movement, and compensation 

due to the weaving of the fabric The amount of deformation to be shortened.

Stretch knitted swimsuit swimsuit clothes are generally knitted with knitting equipment: surface traces with chain-type flat 

stitch, seam with a five-line package stitch, paste edge, piping with double needle, three needle stitch stitch. In addition, 

the elastic knitted swimsuit fabric after sewing often produce sewing process retraction, resulting in reduced size of finished clothing. The retraction rate of the sewing process is not only affected by the raw material and the structure of 

the fabric, but also by the production, storage environment and the sewing process.

Swimming development to the present, is not a simple pure competitive contest, it is a high-tech competition. The future direction of the development of swimsuit, including two aspects: First, the combination of the body to make it more tend to streamlined, and the other is to prevent swimwear into the water.

Therefore, in terms of material, should consider the ability to reduce water resistance and counter-current textile methods 

and fabric surface processing. Innovative fabrics as much as possible to meet the swimsuit fabric in the waterproof, 

breathable, wear, stretch, comfort and other functions of the demand. At the same time to strengthen the study of bionics, 

swimwear as much as possible to imitate the natural skin smooth, and enhance its adaptability to water. In the style design, 

the use of clothing ergonomics designed to facilitate the activities of the three-dimensional cut and easy to highlight the 

highlight of the human body curve of the curve to reduce the resistance of water streamlined swimsuit, more use of three-

dimensional cut design.

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