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What Is The Material Of Polyester? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polyester Fabric?
Aug 04, 2017

In fact, it is polyester fabric, polyester fabric more types, in addition to woven pure polyester fabric, there are many and a variety of textile fiber blended or intertwined products, make up for the lack of pure polyester fabric, play a better performance The At present, the polyester fabric is toward the imitation wool, imitation silk, imitation Ma, imitation deerskin and other synthetic fibers in the direction of natural development.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester fabric?

1. Polyester imitation silk fabric from the round, shaped cross-section of the polyester filament or short fiber yarn woven with a silk appearance of the style of polyester fabric, with low prices, anti-wrinkle-free, etc., popular consumer welcome. Common varieties are: polyester silk, Polyester crepe, Polyester satin, polyester Ge yarn, polyester intertwined silk and so on. These varieties have a silk fabric elegant drape, smooth, soft, feast for the eyes, while both polyester fabric crisp, wear-resistant, easy to wash, no iron, fly in the ointment of this kind of fabric moisture permeability is poor, In order to overcome this shortcoming, there are now more new polyester fabrics come out, such as high moisture absorbent polyester fabric is one of them.

2. Polyester wool-like fabric is made of polyester filament, such as polyester filament yarn, polyester mesh wire or various profiled cross-section polyester filament, or after medium-length polyester staple fiber and medium-length viscose or medium-length acrylic Woven fabric with woolen style, known as worsted wool-like fabric and medium-length wool fabric, the price is lower than similar wool fabric products. Both with cashmere feel full of bulky, flexible and good features, but also with polyester fast and durable, easy to wash fast dry, flat and crisp, not easy to deformation, not easy to pilling, pilling and other characteristics. Common varieties are: polyester serge serge, Polyester Huada it, polyester and fancy twist it, polyester network silk wool fabric, polyester and viscose in the long tweed, and so on.

3. Polyester imitation linen fabric is one of the popular clothing materials in the international clothing market. It is made of polyester or polyester / sticky twisted yarn woven into plain weave or ribbed fabric with dry feel and appearance style. Such as the thin imitation Ma Mo grams, not only the appearance of rough, feel dry, and wearing comfortable, cool, so it is suitable for summer shirts, skirts of the production.

4. Polyester imitation deerskin fabric is one of the new polyester fabric, fine denier or ultrafine polyester fiber as raw material, the special finishing in the fabric fabric on the formation of fine short hair polyester polyester fabric, called imitation deerskin fabric, General to nonwovens, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics as the base cloth. With a soft texture, full and full of fluffy elastic, feel rich, durable and durable style features. Common man-made high-level deerskin, artificial quality deer leather and artificial deer skin three. Suitable for women's clothing, senior dress, jackets, suits and so on.

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