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What Is The Classification Of Curtain Fabrics?
Dec 26, 2018

Classification by different processing methods

(1) Woven fabrics: yarns arranged vertically, i.e. horizontally and vertically, intersect on looms according to certain rules.

A woven fabric. There are denim, brocade, linen, etc.

(2) Knitted fabrics: Fabrics formed by looping yarns are divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. A. Weft knitted fabrics are weft knitted

The yarn is fed to the working needle of the knitting machine in the weft direction, so that the yarn is bent into a circle sequentially and worn through each other. B, warp knitting

Knitted fabrics are made of a set of yarns arranged parallel to each other and fed warp-wise to all working needles of the knitting machine at the same time.

It is formed in circles.

(3) Nonwovens: loose fibers are bonded or stitched together. At present, adhesive and puncture are two main methods.

。 This processing method can greatly simplify the technological process, reduce costs and improve labor productivity. It has broad development.

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