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What Is Good For Sleeping clothes?
May 30, 2018

The characteristics of several fabrics


Advantages: comfortable to wear, sweat-absorbent, breathable, soft, warm, sensitive, easy to clean, easy to raise hair ball.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, easy to deform, easy to fade.


Advantages: Natural fabric, comfortable, light and breathable.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, not stiff, poor elasticity, itchy skin when wearing.


Silk: soft, soft and delicate.


Advantages: synthetic fabrics, easy care, crisp

Disadvantages: poor air permeability, easy to produce static electricity, not easy to dye.

Rayon: metallic luster, rough touch.

Silk: anti-static, moisture absorption, soft, cool in winter and cool in summer

Advantages: smooth and soft, good texture, colorful.

Disadvantages: not easy to handle, easy to wrinkle, shrink.

In fact, Sleeping clothes have a lot of materials, such as cotton, silk, coral velvet, cotton, modal and so on. The choice of Sleeping clothes is not the best choice for which kind of material, but different seasons should choose different fabrics.

1. In spring and autumn, knitted cotton pajamas should be selected. The fabrics can be fine-textured, soft-feeling, breathable, or natural fabrics.

2. It is advisable to choose nightgowns that are loose and well-kept in winter. Fabrics can choose coral fleece fabrics that have been popular in recent years. Coral fleece is a new type of fabric, fine texture, soft touch, no pilling, no fading. Excellent water absorption, 3 times that of cotton. No irritation to skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance, rich colors.