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What Is A Knitted Swimsuit Fabric?
May 16, 2017

What is a knitted swimsuit fabric?

Knitted with large round knitting system of summer knitted swimsuit fabric also began to gradually get up in the market. Summer, in the cool pool fun swimming swim is kind of enjoyment, then, a set of fit swimsuit is essential. Recently to 75DFDY-100DFDY, 100DFDY-150DFDY, 118DDTY and 75DFDY +75DDTY, 100D nylon filament multi-species printing swimsuit cloth transactions push up. The following color of the petals of the swimsuit swimsuit fabric is mainly 83% nylon and 17% spandex, the width of 150cm, per square meter weight of 200g, a large area of blue and white color in the summer gives a comfortable feeling, Plus the red embellishment of the flower center, making the overall color is not a lack of monotonous sense. And the size of the petal pattern and reflects the charming feminine side, so it is a good summer swimwear fabric. Businessmen enthusiastically introduced to this section of fabric can also be used as underwear fabric and sports fabrics, because it contains spandex composition is relatively high, flexibility is better, whether it is usually or when wearing, make people feel quite comfortable.

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