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What Are The Ingredients In Swimwear Fabric?
Sep 04, 2017

Making swimming suits requires fabric fibers to have good flexibility, extensibility, and good chemical stability. Here are some of the ingredients in the swimsuit fabric:

Polyester fiber: it is the most productive synthetic fiber in the world at present. High strength, good sunlight resistance and chemical stability. The polyester fiber, which is specially processed and processed, has better physical and chemical properties, and is of low cost. It is the main component of the swimsuit.

Nylon: also known as "nylon", high strength, strong, wear-resistant, acid resistant, conformal, also resides in all kinds of fiber first. But not light, after long exposure, easy to change color, crisp. Cost is higher than polyester, but also one of the main ingredients of swimming suit fabric.

Spandex: fabric with very high extensibility and resilience. Light fastness and shape retention is good, and people feel comfortable and considerate, but the cost is high. Lycra fiber is one of the most famous spandex fibers produced by the DuPont Co in the United states. At present, a good swimming suit is usually provided with spandex with a certain component, so that the swimsuit is more elastic and difficult to deform.

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