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What Are The Differences Between Dyed Fabrics And Dyed Fabrics?
Oct 18, 2017

What are the differences between dyed fabrics and dyed fabrics?

With the continuous development of economy, the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention to clothing, textile industry will rise, in which, yarn dyed fabric, corduroy is widely used. In fact, to improve the weaving, there are many we do not understand, printing and dyeing cloth, I believe everyone knows more about it, then what is the difference between the two? The following color weaving manufacturers give you a brief introduction.

1. The printing and dyeing cloth is cleaned and dyed by the embryo cloth. Printing and dyeing cloth can be divided into printing and dyeing cloth, printing with printing and film printing. The horse is a horse of the whole printing pattern has formed in the machine, printing is part of the markings, as some clothes, some pieces are covered, which is a seal, if only the chest may arm, which is printed sheet.

2, cotton yarn dyed yarn dyed fabric is the use of yarn dyed, a variety of different color yarn equipment, and reasonable arrangements for the results of the production of a certain pattern and color of fabric. Dyed usually appeared on the surface checks and stripes personality, usually woven, like some men shirt, striped cloth, tartan, most are dyed, but there is also a small part of an exception, then you can see the cloth with a little, if not vague plaid or striped then, it is dyed, if nothing, that is white, printing and dyeing cloth.

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