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What Are The Common Curtain Fabric?
Aug 08, 2017

Common curtain fabrics are printed cloth, curtains, dyed cloth, curtains, color weaving, curtains, lifting prints, cloth curtains four types.

Calico curtains: in plain cloth color, pattern transfer or screen printing called printed cloth curtain. Features: colorful, rich patterns, hand-painted effects of printing and dyeing, exposing the natural texture.

Dyed cloth curtain: a single color is dyed on the white fabric. It is called dyed cloth curtain. Its characteristics: simple and elegant, natural and smooth, consistent with trends.

Fabric curtains: according to the design needs, first yarn classification, dyeing, and then woven by weaving and color patterns, known as color cloth curtains. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, yarn dyed lines bright, three-dimensional sense.

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