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What Are The Characteristics Of Wrinkle Sofa Fabric?
Jun 27, 2017

Wrinkle Sofa Fabric after finishing the fabric with special easycare technology to wash and wear iron function be not of the common sort. It adopts the technology of anti crease, the fabric is super stable form of liquid ammonia finishing products, is a liquid ammonia processing plus anti wrinkle special import fabrics, cotton fabrics, which get hitherto unknown the perfect finishing effect. Has the following characteristics:

1, with excellent durable shrinkproof performance, the court almost does not shrink after washing.

2, fabric elasticity greatly improved, after washing without ironing, flatness can reach more than 3.5.

3. The surface of the fabric is glossy and bright, and the thin fabric is like silk.

4, feel soft and smooth, repeatedly washed, no fluff, always maintain a new soft natural style.

5, special anti wrinkle finishing agent, so that the fabric has no harm, and excellent moisture absorption performance.

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