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What Are The Basic Knowledge Of Fabric?
Jul 06, 2017

Fabric classification

1, natural fiber: plants --- cotton, linen, animals --- silk, wool

2, synthetic fiber, polyester, acrylic, nylon, vinylon, polyvinyl chloride, spandex

3. Artificial fibers: viscose, soybean fiber, glass fiber, metal fiber, bright silk (Bing Si)

4, blended fabrics: Cotton brocade blended (NC fabric), cotton polyester blended (TC fabric), cotton, brocade, polyester blended (TNC fabric)

Two 、 fabric dyeing and finishing

1, fiber dyeing: fiber phase dyeing, color fastness is good, mostly for color series goods.

2, yarn dyeing: yarn phase dyeing, color fastness is better, mostly for stripe series goods.

3, cloth dyed: into cloth after dyeing, although the strengthening agent is still easy to fade.

4, a dye: clothing stage dyeing, difficult fixation, has also faded with fixing agent.

Three, commonly used fabric features:

Cotton fabrics: cotton, mercerized cotton, lacoste cotton (American cotton), cotton (cotton, linen and leather: Xinjiang).

General cotton: originally obtained as a universal cotton; semi fine cotton: semi worsted treated cotton; fine cotton: Worsted treated cotton.

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