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The Sofa Makes The Room Look Different
Nov 02, 2017

The sofa makes the room look different

If we always look at a color, there will inevitably be aesthetic fatigue, then why don't we take advantage of the summer change, let the room for a style

Right now is a good season for living room change, if your living room is still holding the heavy winter, you may wish to meet the early summer beauty through cloth art. The easiest thing to change is the couch. The sofa to wear new clothes, let the good mood also follow the living room take on an altogether new aspect.

The living room can also be "good" color"

Many eye-catching housewives, in the purchase of cloth sofa, do a good job of two sets of sofa sets, a set of warm colors, autumn and winter use; a set of cool colors, spring and summer use. Not only extend the sofa use time, but also with the seasons do not enjoy the same Home Furnishing environment. Of course, the choice of sofa sets with interior decoration color. IKEA Home Furnishing designer, before buying sofa sets, its color should be considered to be coordinated with the overall style, you can also add the same style to the other living room chair cushion cover, chair cover.

It was the beginning of the summer, you can use the sofa color clear, reflecting Spring is in the air. passion. For example, select a white, pale green or pale blue cloth sofa sets, can make the room full of the breath of spring; sofa choose cold color collocation small Suihua, it can create a feeling of spring flowers.

On the sofa dressing at the same time, it might be sofa cushion can also change, so coordination, if your walls are light and color, or the living room space, sofa can choose the color of the big bright and fresh flowers, a large grid pattern; if your wall has a darker color, or indoor Limited space, sofa choose light colored is elegant.

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