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The 2nd Canadian Garment And Textiles Purchase Fair (ATSC)
Jul 17, 2017

"The 2nd Canadian Garment and Textile Purchasing Exhibition, jointly organized by the Canadian Garment Union and JPC Corporation, was held in Toronto on 14 April, as the only professional international textile and apparel exhibition in Canada. The conference will be held at the Toronto International Exhibition Center from 21 to 23 August, and the total number of booths will be expected to exceed 300, of which 200 are mainland China, 100 other countries and regions. "

Exhibition Name: The 2nd Canadian Garment and Textile Purchasing Exhibition ("ATSC")

Exhibition time: August 21, 2017 - 23 days

Exhibition Hall: Toronto International Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: the total number of booths expected to be more than 300, of which 200 mainland China, other countries and regions 100

ATSC exhibition was founded in 2016, I will jointly organized by the Jiangsu Provincial CCPIT, the Canadian Garment Union (CAF) co-organized by the United States JPC company hosted the international professional textile and apparel procurement exhibition. An international team of senior exhibition professionals from China, the United States and Canada is responsible for project operations. It has a large number of professional buyers data resources from North America and has maintained close cooperation with many specialized trade and marketing organizations in Canada to ensure that exhibitors and local The actual procurement needs of buyers to negotiate trade.

The 2nd Canadian Garment and Textile Procurement Exhibition Hall

Exhibition situation

The exhibition has a total of more than 20 countries and regions from the clothing textile manufacturers exhibitors, in addition to the Canadian Trade Facilitation Office (TFOC) funded from the world's eight least developed countries, 30 handicraft companies exhibitors. The current stall sales work is basically over, visitors online registration has more than 4,000 people. This exhibition will continue to be the first year of the year, the international level of exhibitors and forum seminars and other aspects continue to maintain a high standard at the same time, the new trend distribution area, fashion show, matching area, these new content will greatly enhance The attractiveness of the show to buyers, and actively promote more trade opportunities. "The Canadian market has a huge potential and the success of the first event has increased confidence in Chinese companies, and more exhibitors will be able to bring more outstanding products to ATSC," said Zhang.

Show new products

The two companies from Montreal, Canada, showcased the latest smart textiles, including heart-resistant shirts, self-heating coats, pressure testing insole, etc .; I will be on-site display by the exhibitors Inner Mongolia Pearl cashmere products limited liability company to provide Smelly anti-UV functional sweaters, and Weihai Jinyuan Textile Co., Ltd. to provide fashion denim medical tooling and other new products. The active participation of Canada's high-tech textile technology research and development company will further promote the cooperation between China and Canada.

The 2nd Canadian Garment and Textile Procurement Exhibition

The conference attracted the mainstream media from Canada, including the Canadian Press, CBC NationalTV, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Fairchild Chinese TV and so on. At the end of the conference, many local mainstream media on the conference were propaganda reported, which not only reflects the AGA exhibition expanding influence, while reflecting the organizers down-to-earth media PR work has achieved remarkable results.

Exhibition activities

In order to further promote the understanding and cooperation between China and Canada, we will hold a series of trade promotion activities such as training seminars, industry forums, counterpart talks and brand release during the exhibition period.

With the success of the first show, the show has begun in the Canadian market to establish the most important exhibition of clothing textile brand image. Is attracting more and more Canadian local industry's attention and willingness to cooperate, Canada Fashion Festival, Canada clothing accessories exhibition are interested in forming a strategic alliance with the exhibition.



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