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Summary Of European Holiday Time
Jul 04, 2017

Each year the summer will be part of the European customers because of the holiday can not be normal contact, and even affect our order process. So we need to first look at the European countries of the holiday time and how do we deal with?


Germany (Germany): usually 4-5 weeks, usually from July to September, in these three months can take turns

France (France): the last week of July to August, almost all holiday

Italy (Italy): early August to early September

Poland: early July to the end of July

Netherlands (Holland): early July to early August

Belgium (Belgium): mid-July to early August

Czechoslovak (Czechoslovak): the beginning of July to the end of August (round off general, July 12 to August 8)

Norway (Norway): July to September holiday (generally from July to September)

Spain: early July to early August

Portugal (Portugal): mid-July to the end of the month

Switzerland (Switzerland: early July to the end of July

Denmark (Denmark): generally end of July end of the end

Are foreigners all out of Europe?

 For many Europeans, summer vacations are a pretty good time in a year, choosing a holiday and then staying comfortably for an extended period of time is an important part of their lives. Since July, many export companies have become idle, because most of their European customers to leave, no new inquiry, do not need to busy for the new orders. The sun and the sea are the favorite of the European summer vacation, the annual July and August is their summer vacation period, but not everyone is concentrated in a period of time to leave the length of time are also different. In the past, there were several European customers, the Portuguese customer's holiday is July 14 -27, their company with the department's three colleagues take turns to leave, so recently to deal with things are colleagues to help do. However, other European customers are not the same, the German customers for some time can not find people, the phone did not pick up, the message does not return, it is possible the whole company to go on holiday. Most European customers will be informed before the vacation, such as Belgian customers, he first told us that from July 14 to August 3, he will not be in the company, let us have things until his vacation come back to say. So the two months to do the main European export enterprises will be more leisure.

 European customers generally have a good order before the vacation, and then go on vacation. Most afraid of this order in the production of a problem, because then will not find customer consultation. For example, the British customer, the end of June orders, and later he went to vacation, the results of the order of the material out of the question, would like to discuss with him whether it can be replaced with similar materials, but can not find him, afraid of delay delivery Period, this situation will be very anxious.

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