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Some Differences Between Warp Knitting And Weft Knitting.
May 22, 2017

The knitted fabric is formed by bending the yarns into coils in series, and the coils are formed in series with each other to form the fabric. The process of forming the yarns can be carried out laterally or longitudinally, and the weft knitting is called weft knitted fabric, and the longitudinal knitting is called weaving Things.

   The coil is the smallest basic unit of the knitted fabric, and the coil consists of a spatial curve of the loop and the extension line. Since the coil is formed by bending the yarn in the space, and each coil is composed of a yarn, when the knitted fabric is subjected to external tension, such as longitudinal stretching, the bending of the coil changes and the height of the coil increases, The width of the coil is reduced, such as the tension is the horizontal stretch, the opposite is true, the coil height and width under different tension conditions, obviously can be converted to each other, so the extensibility of knitted fabrics. Can be extended in all directions, good elasticity, because the knitted fabric is formed by the hole coil, a greater permeability, feel soft.

   The physical and mechanical properties of knitted fabrics include longitudinal density, transverse dimension, square meter weight, extension performance, elasticity, breaking strength, abrasion resistance, curling, thickness, dispersibility, shrinkage, covering, bulk density.

    Weft knitwear can be formed with at least one yarn, but in order to improve the production efficiency, generally use a number of yarn weaving; and warp knitting with a yarn is unable to form the fabric, a yarn Can only form a coil composed of the joint. All weft knitted fabrics can be broken in the direction of reverse weaving, but warp knitted fabric can not. Warp knitted fabric can not be woven by hand. Woven fabric is divided into two categories: one for the Raschel fabric, the main feature is large flower, rough cloth, hole and more, mainly to do decorative fabric; two tricol fabric, fine cloth, less color, but the yield is high, the main Made of woven fabrics and printed cloth, these fabrics are used for chemical fiber filament, otherwise the production efficiency is very low.