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Sofa Features Of Different Fabrics
Sep 08, 2017

1, material: cotton cotton sofa sofa soft breathable, natural environmental protection, very close to the skin, is currently the most widely market share model. The pastoral style is the most used in the cotton sofa. The price is low, the color is the most like, but the elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, easy to dye, less wear-resistant.

2, flannelette sofa: flannelette sofa gives the most impressive impression is that it is super delicate, soft touch. From past to now, corduroy, suede, velvet sofa in the flashy and elegant transformation of identity. Velvet sofas are expensive compared to other fabrics. It has fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect, dustproof, antifouling and other advantages, but it is easy to use static electricity.

3, linen sofa: linen sofa is the most attractive place than its good thermal conductivity. Even in the summer, there's no need to worry about sweating or sticky conditions. The quality of the linen sofa is close and soft, soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament. Relatively wear-resistant, not easy to fold, do not fade, no pilling, will not generate static electricity, moisture in the place will not mildew.

4, blended sofa: cotton and chemical fiber material blends, can show or silk, or flannelette, or hemp material visual effects, but the flower type and color are not enough, natural pure, the price is cheaper. In recent years, with the rise of blending of different chemical fiber and blended fiber, and the improvement of dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high simulation effect of blended fabric can be almost false. Wash and wear, brilliant color, durable and elastic.

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