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Sofa Fabric Classification
Apr 21, 2017

Sofa fabric classification

The sofa fabric is sorted according to the different ingredients

Can be divided into polyester, cotton, linen and so on. On the polyester cloth class, for 

example, can also be divided into: suede, ultra-soft cashmere, corduroy, chenille and so on.

Sort by raw material composition

There are cotton, flax, chemical fiber. And there are many kinds of chemical fiber, including 

polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics are mixed with several 

ingredients. As for the silk, wool, is very rare.

According to the dyeing method

Dyed, dyed. Dyeing is the first woven cloth, and then to dye the color; yarn-dyed is the first 

yarn stained with color, then go weaving. No matter what the composition of the cloth, can be

 made of dyeing cloth, can also be made of dyed fabric. General monochrome are basically dyed 

cloth, not monochrome are dyed.

According to the type of yarn classification

There are spinning suede, chenille yarn and so on. Imitation suede is a fabric that looks like 

a suede, the ingredients are all polyester, and in the market is very much. Chenille yarn is a 

relatively coarse yarn, looks furry, with chenille woven out of the cloth collectively referred

 to as chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients, polyester, viscose can be made of chenille.

 This cloth is relatively thick, more rough style. Currently on the market are more. Store to

 tell you the ingredients are basically mixed with a variety of names, not in accordance with 

the uniform standards. Common imitation suede, chenille, dyed fabric, cotton cloth, linen. 

These fabrics are not good or bad, but each has a different character.

Sort by price

The same weight of the fabric, the cheapest polyester, cotton expensive, a lot of flax. But a

 lot of dyed or chenille fabric is relatively thick, so the price will be higher.

Different fabrics suitable for different styles of sofa, modern style, a sense of strong lines 

more suitable for cotton or linen cloth; classical style of multi-purpose chenille, dyed fabric.

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