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Jul 15, 2017

REACH is the abbreviation of the EU Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, which is established by the European Union and implemented as of June 1, 2007 Regulatory system.

This is a regulatory proposal dealing with the production, trade and use of chemicals. The regulations are designed to protect human health and environmental safety, maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU, and develop innovative and non-toxic harmless compounds to prevent market fragmentation , Increase the transparency of the use of chemicals, promote non-animal experiments, the pursuit of social sustainable development. The REACH Directive requires that chemicals that are imported and manufactured in Europe must be used to ensure the safety of the environment and the safety of the human body by better and easier identification of the chemical composition through a comprehensive set of procedures such as registration, assessment, authorization and restriction. The instructions are mainly registered, evaluation, authorization, restrictions and other major items. Any product must have a registration file showing the chemical composition and indicate how the manufacturer uses these chemical ingredients as well as the toxicity assessment report. All information will be entered into a database under construction, which is managed by a European new agency, the European Chemicals Agency, in Helsinki, Finland. The agency will assess each of the files, and if they are found to have an impact on human health or the environment, they may take more stringent measures. Based on the assessment of several factors, the chemicals may be banned or need to be approved before they can be used. According to reports, and RoHS directive, REACH involved in the scope of much wider, in fact, it will affect the mining industry to the textile and garment, light industry, electrical and other industries and almost all industries and manufacturing processes. REACH requires that the manufacturer register each product in the chemical composition, about 30,000 species - and to measure its potential for public health hazards. REACH established the idea that society should not introduce new materials, products or technologies if their potential hazards are not known