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Knitted Fabric Purchase Beginner's Guide
Jan 10, 2017

If it's done in t-shirt, POLO-shirt, sweater and other apparel factories or trading companies, buy plain knitted fabric in the Guangzhou international textile City area f, AB area. The "first floor" new knitting area of the Yangtze River. Go f plain knitted fabric on the outside row of cloth line, species range, and at reasonable prices. Like sunny, Tai Fung ... ... These fabrics are good, selling knitted fabric is the same styles, prices are almost the same, large cargo cannot be cut. A color at least one order. Cut version ranges 25~40/m. Most of the 30 yuan/meter, two meters up the cut, part a kilo of cut. Thickness note weight, usually more weight thicker fabric. Goods sold by the kilo, ask a kg a few meters, especially poor paper tubes and empty.