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Knit Fabrics Sold To Increase
Jan 10, 2017

Recently China textile city market, knitting class fabric sold varieties increased, 30S people cotton knitting Crystal Ma, and 30S people cotton knitting Khan cloth and 21S, and 30S, and 32S, and 40S, and 45S full cotton knitting increased, and full cotton knitting not pour velvet, and knitting imitation cotton velvet Orange, and Ma gray, and green, color fabric Xia single increased, Zhejiang Ningbo, and Cixi, and Yiwu, and Hangzhou, to shipping increased. T/c t/c class knitted sweater in double-sided brushed fleece blue, sky blue, yellow, beige, pink, Orange and grey color fabric orders increase. Cotton polyester blended woven knit stitch INTERLOOP to Heather grey color fabric orders increase, Liaoning haicheng, Xiliu market shipments increase counterpart merchants large bulk orders, vehicle delivery. The fabric according to the gray color, blended woven white fine point, back to white color, blended grey fine points, after sanding the back or pick processing.