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KARL MAYER Machine For Warp Knitting Fabric
Jul 05, 2017

KARL MAYER is a German family business with a long history and industry leading position.

Some of the things that have begun in Obertshausen, 70 years ago, have now become part of our daily life, and the textiles produced on KARL MAYER's machines are around us, whether in our private or professional places , They make our lives more comfortable and safe.

Mr. KARL MAYER founded Carl Meyer in 1937, 10 years after the production of Tricot machines, the success story to start. Today, the German family business leads the world's warp knitting industry, and KARL MAYER has set standards for warp knitting and woven warping equipment in the textile world.

The development of the textile world needs a strategy of globalization, "to the world's customer-oriented" is the most important goal of Karl Meyer. In order to be successful in an international market, companies must have a global mindset and have a clear understanding of their strength. The keen insight into quality, professional design and innovative products is the core of KARL MAYER, which is what makes KARL MAYER a complete trust from customers all over the world.

As a world leader in the market, KARL MAYER is the driving force of the industry as a whole.

It continues to develop new applications and refining machinery, so as to ensure that its products have been at the forefront of development, the company so it has been almost 70 years.

Innovation is a long tradition of Karl Meyer, and nowadays, warp knitted fabrics are everywhere in functional swimwear and sportswear, in lace underwear and mesh curtains, in shoes, artificial blood vessels, boat shells, baby Diaper, mentioned here is only part of the technology, semi-technical, fashion and home textiles produced on the Kalmeyer machine.

Just as the end-use of these products specializes, KARL MAYER offers a wide range of services to its customers, and the company develops solutions for individual challenges. When combined with the extensive services of KARL MAYER , The machine can guarantee a bright and stable future, the machine brought the label "KARL MAYER manufacturing", this is a first-class quality and function, beyond the general efficiency and easy to operate the logo, and symbolizes the design The skills.

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