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Introduction To The Material And Characteristics Of Sand Release
Apr 25, 2017

Introduction to the material and characteristics of sand release

Sand cloth is made of all kinds of sofa used in the textile fabric collectively or simply

 referred to.

Sofa fabrics include: imitation linen, chenille, jacquard cloth, composite cloth, suede, flocking 

cloth, bronzing cloth, embossed cloth.

The following are the same as the "

What are the materials and characteristics of the sofa cloth?

1, polypropylene sand release. It is the problem that the pyrolysis of the polypropylene cloth

 is mainly used to solve the problems existing in the existing technology, which will cause the

 environmental pollution and easy to stain the stains. And the utility model also solves the

 technical problem that the existing sand distribution structure is not strong enough, easy to

 deform and break, and cause accidents.

2, synthetic fiber sand release. The synthetic fiber sand release comprises a plurality of warp

 and weft yarns, characterized in that the warp and weft threads are arranged at a right angle 

to the synthetic fiber line, the warp and the weft. The synthetic fiber towers with a light 

weight per unit area, strong wear resistance, will not cause environmental pollution, to prevent

 stains and other stains stained with the characteristics.

How is cleaning and maintenance of sand release?

First of all, the use of sofa or carpet cleaning agent, with a clean white cloth dipped in a small

 amount of pharmaceutical, repeated in the dirty wipe, until remove the stains.

Second, pay attention not to scrub with a lot of water, so as not to infiltrate the inner layer

 of water, resulting in the sofa inside the wall damp, deformation, shrinkage of the sofa,

 affecting the overall appearance of the sofa shape.

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