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How To Solve The Problem Of Shrinking Sofa Sleeve?
Nov 02, 2017

How to solve the problem of shrinking sofa sleeve?

Now the sofa usually detachable sofa sleeve, is convenient for disassembly and cleaning; but common detachable sofa is almost buckle bonded to the surface of the sofa sofa with sticky, the surface has a layer of polyester wool felt covered with Velcro hair, sofa sets sewing thread gluing surface with thorn in the process of cleaning sofa; there is such a happening that will stab stab surface fabric, fabric, lead hook wire breakage, hole phenomenon, sofa sets cannot be used directly lead to damage; the manufacturer will sell the sofa with a terylene cloth strip to fluff cloth. Convenient sofa sets before washing face thorn flannelette strip bonded together to separated spine surface and fabric friction; although it theoretically solved some problems, but also increase the cleaning of sofa sets Difficulty!

Shrink problem: sofa factory sold sofa sleeve usually can not take into account the shrinkage of the fabric, which also led to a serious shrinkage of the sofa after cleaning, resulting in the installation can not be!

Dalian Siyuan sofa design does not use sticky barbed suture in the face on the cloth cover, with four buckle, elastic rope, tape, zipper, clothing accessories design commonly used, more humane, more easy to assemble, completely sofa sleeve before cleaning can not use the sofa;

To solve the problem of shrinkage: fabric from fabric factories have shrunk, shrinking the amount of clothing will be reserved in the production, to the ideal size pillow after cleaning, but the process is in the sofa clothes can not directly use, because you want to ensure the size of anastomosis, no size of clothes on the sofa on the sofa set after, can keep intact after cleaning, which requires the sofa fabric to be in production before pre shrinking treatment;

Shrink treatment has two methods: 1: a small amount can be directly washed with household washing machine; two: large amount of water can be washed with industrial washing machine drying;

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