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How To Identify High-grade Suit Fabric
Apr 29, 2017

How to identify high-grade suit fabric

Fabric is an important factor in determining the grade of the suit, according to the traditional

 standard suits fabric wool content higher represents the higher grade.

But not pure wool suit is good, because the pure wool fabric bulky, easy to play the ball, not 

wear and tear, a little careless is also easy to mold, was moth-eaten, usually in the suit

 watermark logo will be fabric ingredients, the following describes several Common suit fabric,

 and high-grade suit fabric identification method:

1 pure wool worsted fabric: 100% wool, generally not 100% pure wool, in order to improve the 

defects of pure wool suits, which joined the polyester and other non-wool ingredients, such 

suits are mostly thin texture, nickname smooth, clear lines , Glossy natural soft, there are 

light, soft and flexible feel, hold the nail after the release, the basic no wrinkles, suits 

fabric in the finest fabric, basic for spring and summer suits, but easy to play, easy to wear ,

 Easy to insects, moldy.

2, pure hand wool woolen fabric

    100% wool, mostly thick texture, full of nickname, shiny soft and glanced barefoot.It 

noodles and suede do not reveal the bottom of the grain, texture and texture is clear and rich. 

Feel moderate and flexible, belong to the suit Fine fabrics, usually used for autumn and winter 

suits. Easy to play the ball, not wear and tear, easy insects, moldy.

3, wool and polyester blended fabric

    Sunlight on the surface of a flash point, the lack of pure wool fabric soft feeling. Wool

 polyester (polyester wool) fabric crisp but the board hard feeling, and with the increase in 

polyester content and significantly prominent. Elastic than pure wool fabric is better, but 

feel less than pure wool fabric, clenched after the release, almost no crease. Belong to the 

more common mid-range suit fabric.

4, wool and viscose or cotton blends

    Shiny more bleak, worsts feel more comfortable, woolen class is loose. This kind of surface 

of the flexibility and crisp sense of pure wool and wool polyester, Mao Qing blended fabric,

 but the price is relatively low, easy maintenance, wearing more comfortable. Belong to the 

more common mid-range fabric.

5, polyester and viscose mixed imitation fabric

    The shortcomings are poor warmth, are pure chemical fiber fabrics, suitable for thousands 

of spring summer suits, in some fashion brands for young people to design suits on the common, 

easy to shape, easy to shape, Belong to mid-range suit fabric.

6, pure fiber wool-like fabric

    This is the traditional viscose, artificial wool fiber as raw material of wool-like fabric, 

shiny dim, feel weak, lack of crisp sense, by the poor flexibility, prone to wrinkles, and easy 

to subside. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wet water is significantly lower 

than that in the dry state, which is an effective method to identify the viscose class. 

In addition, this kind of wool-like fabric soaked after the hardening thick, belong to the 

low-grade fabric products.

How do we identify true and false wool noodle it?

1 see the trademark if pure wool, wool should be marked five elements, such as blended products, 

wool should be marked, otherwise, can be considered fake.

2 check the texture of a true sweater texture soft, flexible, no wrinkles, feel good, warm

 or good; fake wool sweater texture, flexibility, feel, warmth is poor.

3 burning test true wool contains a lot of protein, from the clothes on a few fibers lit, 

smell the smell, look at the ashes, if charred feathers ignorant, ashes with a finger that 

is broken, that is pure wool; Jiao feathers of the gas ignorant, ashes pressure is not broken, 

absolutely block, it is chemical fiber fabric.

4 friction static inspection, will be tested shirt in cotton shirt on each other for about 

s minutes, and then quickly separated from each other, if no "flap" sound, is a real sweater; 

if "flap" sound, even with Static spark, then chemical fiber fabric, is a fake sweater.

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