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How To Chose Curtain Fabric?
Aug 08, 2017

When buying curtains, often only fancy their favorite styles and colors, and do not take into account its functionality. When the curtain is finished, the opening and closing are smooth and the shading is good, it depends on the beginning of the purchase. Then, how to choose curtains? What are the curtains?

1, anti noise

If you want to get better sound-absorbing effect, in general, the more thick curtains, sound-absorbing the more strong, like flocking, cotton, linen and other materials of the curtain

2, shading

In the summer, the light is strong, and in the bedroom, you can choose a light curtain fabric to ensure a good sleep. In the living room and dining room, you can choose light transmittance of thin fabric

3,curtain size choice

To be able to cover the window curtain area will play a good effect. The shading curtain length should be determined according to the specific circumstances of windows. Windows and window frame with long landing window curtain; floor windows can use landing screens, can also use the window curtains made Qi; larger windows should be select the width of the window curtain, so as to achieve the balance of visual effect.

4,curtain color choice

In the living room, the best choice of warm curtains, bring warm, warm atmosphere. The study can choose fresh green curtains, create a natural, quiet atmosphere. In the bedroom, can choose the balance of color, soft, comfortable, bring comfortable visual experience.

The light in the dark in the north room, suitable for neutral and cold colors curtains; and in a good light sunny room, hanging red or chestnut * * adjustable strong light curtains can be adjusted to the light and soft, gentle texture contrast room.

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