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How To Choose Swimwear
Sep 04, 2017

1, fabric and structure. The best selection of elastic spandex content more than 15% of the fabric, so the swimsuit can with body movement and freely telescopic; swimming in the swimming pool, to adapt to the degree of molecular chlorine content on the pool water fabric, three-dimensional elastic at the most popular fabric swimwear, most suitable for use in cold water or swimming. Because this material is hollow, it is easy to keep body temperature. Do not buy or buy imitation "imported spandex high elasticity fabric" as much as possible". First, the fabric spandex content generally in the 15% - 20%, and two are imitation fabrics, due to variation in ingredients, back to the water after a very poor elasticity.

2, workmanship and safety. As swimsuit is a sport utility clothing, tensile force is stronger, it is best not to choose splicing more styles. The large amount of exercise, easily from the stitching line. At the seams, three stitches and five stitches are the basic, and the three pins and the six wires are the most solid. The elasticity of the line shall be consistent with the tensile degree of the fabric. Beach fitted series is best to have a plait line, so that both beautiful, elastic, tensile degree is also stronger.

3, hygiene, silk cover cotton swimsuit surface with chemical fiber fabric bright and clean, bright color advantages, the inner layer with cotton weaving, no irritation to the skin, especially for skin susceptible to wear. Swimsuit crotch should be lining cloth, lining swimsuit, longer life.

4, safety, to the natural river, coastal and deep water swimming, to choose color contrast with water larger swimsuit, dangerous situation encountered, the target is obvious, easy to first aid.

5, body and skin color. The chest is too big, suitable for wide V collar strap swimsuit bra is too small; who try to avoid a strapless swimsuit; chest flat chest suitable decorative pleated swimsuit; hip is too large may choose super short swimwear; girth, lack of moving curve, assembled swimsuit can make up for the defects, wear after the effect is very good leg shape; rough and short leg cut to choose high, lower was acute type styles; long and delicate legs lack of symmetry, flat pants suit is preferred.

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