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How Many Kinds Of Sleeping clothes Fabric
May 30, 2018

1. Ordinary sleepwear cotton fabric

Casual Sleeping clothes use more ordinary cotton material. This original pajamas is comfortable but less stiff. Easy to wrinkle, easily deformed after launching.

2. Mercerized cotton fabric

The mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material, and after three processes, the worsted yarn is made into high-weaving yarns, and then through special processing steps such as singeing, mercerization and the like, a high-quality anti-wrinkle mercerized yarn with smooth and soft wrinkle is produced. The high quality and excellent knitted fabric made of this raw material not only completely preserves the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has silky luster and softness. The fabric has soft handfeel, breathable moisture, good elasticity and drape, and it is rich in color. The Sleeping clothes thus made are comfortable and casual to wear and fully embody the wearer's taste and temperament.

3. Cotton double silk fabric

The double-silk cotton fabric is a double-burned double-stranded pure cotton product. It is made from singeing and mercerized mercerized yarns, and can be quickly knitted using CAD computer-aided design systems and CAM computer-aided production systems. After designing the pattern fabrics, the fabrics are singed and mercerized again, and a series of finishings are performed to produce the high-quality knitted fabrics. The Sleeping clothes made of these fabrics are glossy, smooth, and smooth. Clear, fresh patterns, better than mercerized cotton, but due to the need for two mercerizing, the price is generally slightly more expensive.

4. Ultra high yarn cotton fabric

This kind of fabric is rarely used by companies, because the price is very expensive. The price of cotton fabric Sleeping clothes with 122 yarns is as high as 220 yuan per kilogram, and the price of cotton t-shirts with 200 yarns is even higher, reaching over 3,200 kilograms. , And that kind of cotton yarn Sleeping clothes fabric around 240 yarns need up to about 1700 pounds, and China has not yet produced the fabric of the level of technology.