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Jun 23, 2017

Heimtextil is one of the leading brands of Frankfurt for the success of the exhibition, but also the scale of the field, the international strong exhibition, its industry in the same exhibition in the leading position can not shake.

At the same time, the Frankfurt home and commercial textile exhibition for the trend of the authority of the forecast so as to continue to stand in the global textile supplies trend of the forward position.

"Heimtextil" is the exhibition from the design, creativity, manufacturing high-quality exhibitors dream of the opportunity to show, it is the entire textile industry, home furnishings, new interior decoration, the new trend and the ideal platform for design.

According to the official statistics of the exhibition, the exhibition attracted a total of 2718 exhibitors from 133 countries to showcase their new products and technological innovations, exhibiting an area of 268,100 square meters, specializing in the exhibition. Audience of 67000 people.

In addition to the exciting data, this exhibition takes high quality exhibits and a wide range of exhibits. Once again to the world to emphasize its outstanding unique industry status.

This exhibition in the exhibitors and the audience received a good reputation for the new home furnishing software and exhibition trade next year to write a successful sequel!

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