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Future Financing Plan Proposed By The European Silk Industry
Jan 10, 2017

"Towards the European sericulture (Towards European Sericulture)" plan based on Europe's strategic investment Fund (EFSI) financing opportunities in the textile and fashion industry in a publication. Natural and synthetic processed yarns and synthetic international silk Association of users (AIUFFAS,International Association of Users of Artificial and Synthetic Filament Yarns and of Natural Silk) President Philippe de Montgrand said, the silk industry in Europe has a long tradition, also combined with a strong innovation capacity. About 200 SMEs in the silk production is concentrated in the Italian Lombardy, France Rh ô ne-Alpes, provide 20,000 direct jobs. Currently, raw silk supplies mainly rely on the Chinese mainland, European fashion brand for high-quality raw silk and silk manufacturer long-term dependence on imports and the risk of supply shortage fears.