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Exchange Rate USD For RMB
Jun 29, 2017



Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 29 (Reporter Wang Shujuan) from the China Foreign Exchange Trade Center data show that 29 yuan against the US dollar exchange rate of 6.7940 yuan, up 113 basis points over the previous day.

The People's Bank of China authorized the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center announced that the central exchange rate of the inter-bank foreign exchange market on June 29, 2017 was US $ 6.7940 per person, RMB1.7335 for CNY 1 and RMB1,0476, For CNY 0.87065, GBP 1 to RMB 8.7941, 1 Australian dollar to RMB 5.1912, 1 New Zealand dollar to RMB 4.9644, 1 Singapore dollar to RMB 4.9169, 1 Swiss franc to RMB 7.0813, 1 Canadian dollar to RMB 5.2114 Yuan, RMB 1 yuan against 0.63237 Malaysian ringgit, RMB 1 yuan to 8.7099 Russian ruble, RMB 1 yuan against 1.9048 South African rand, RMB 1 yuan against 167.77 won, 1 yuan against 0.54059 United Arab Emirates Dirham, RMB 1 yuan 0.55199 Saudi Riyal, RMB1 to 40.0253 Hungarian Forint, RMB1 to 0.54756 Polish Zloty, RMB1 to 0.9618 Danish Krone, US $ 1 to CHF 1.2571, US $ 1 to 1.2412 Norwegian Krone, RMB 1 yuan against the 0.51701 Turkish lira, 1 yuan against the 2.6261 Mexican peso.

On the previous trading day, the central parity of RMB against the US dollar was 6.8053.

European Central Bank President Draghi's remarks to consolidate the euro zone gradually tighten monetary policy expectations, the dollar shock adjustment.

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