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Elastic Fabric Details
May 16, 2017

Elastic fabric details

Knitted elastic cloth, as the name suggests is a stretch of fabric, through the rib organization, so that the fabric has a 

greater flexibility, commonly used in T-shirt collar, cuffs, a better effect of the body! There are many types of ribs, 

usually using the number 1 + 1,1 +2,2 + 2, respectively, on behalf of the positive and negative coil longitudinal line in a 

complete organization of the combination. Figure 1 is a 1 + 1 rib structure, that is, by a front coil wale and a reverse coil 

wale configuration. If arranged by a front coil longitudinal and two opposite coils arranged longitudinally, constitute 1 + 2 

ribs, and so on.

    A large number of composite organizations derived from the rib organization, there are rib air layer organization and dot 

pattern organization. The ribbed air layer is made up of a combination of rib tissue tissue. This organization has a smaller 

lateral extensibility, better dimensional stability, with thick, very scratch and so on. The pattern tissue is made up of 

incomplete rib tissue and incomplete needle tissue. According to a complete organization in the order of the two coils, there 

are Swiss and French and so on. Swiss-style pattern of fine structure, extensibility, good dimensional stability. While the 

French pattern of grain pattern is a clear line longitudinal lines, the surface plump, large width and other characteristics.

 Both of these organizations are widely used in knitted garment production.

    Outdoor sports fabric: good stretch fabric to promote outdoor activities, convenient, fast and effective protection of 

muscle strength in the stretch, the fabric of the elastic so that clothing and movement to keep pace, in the protection of 

the body surface, based on the larger The ability to play the limits of human breakthrough.

    Waterproof fabrics: in different outdoor complex environment, the movement of the clothing and water contact frequent 

and close, our waterproof fabric, to provide more personal clothing for the personal protection, blocking the moisture of

 the outside world. Let our movement more dry, not because of changes in weather affect the outdoor travel mood.

    Mountaineering fabric: the development of a variety of specifications of the mountaineering fabric, to meet the needs of

 mountaineering style and sports function, fabric design novel and unique, elastic enough to outdoor climbing, rock climbing 

and leisure fashion movement a better modification, fabric According to different needs, to complete the functional performance, such as water repellent, to masonry, quick drying and so on. Let more experience come to our stretch fabric development results.

Stretch swimsuit fabric

Here are three examples of the most basic swimsuit fabrics: DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester. Tell you about:

    1, DuPont Lycra: is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to the original length 

of 4 to 6 times, excellent degree of stretch, suitable for blending with a variety of fibers, can strengthen the texture drape, wrinkle-free advantages The DuPont Lycra, which is resistant to chlorine, will give swimsuit a longer service life 

than the usual swimsuit. The following are the same as the "

    2, nylon fabric: texture, although not as good as Lycra fabric, but the elasticity of soft and Lycra has been comparable.

 The most commonly used for the swimsuit fabric, suitable for medium-priced products. The following are the same as the "

    3, polyester fabric: one-way, two stretch elastic fabric. Due to limited elasticity, mostly used in swim trunks or female

 swimming split two-way, does not apply to conjoined models. Can be part of the splicing or low price strategy application of

 the fabric.

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