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Common Quality Problems Of Weft-knitted Fabrics
Jan 10, 2017

dress wrinkles: wrinkles between parallel and flush head and tail. Fold middle, pointed at both ends. Puckered and Planar junction with shuttle yarn tail shaped like a skirt folds. Dress wrinkles occur in chemical fiber fabric, not found on the original fabric. Only the dyeing and printing process revealed. Reason: ① chemical property of high temperature twist setting temperature differences or textile mill is inconsistent, resulting in shrinkage of weft different; II the differences in number of weft or twist. Inspection method: cut a clean cloth. seam allowance wrinkle, crease and seam the head connected to one or more than one, long and short. some in the seam allowance at one end, and some in both ends of the seam allowance. Main reason is that piece of land into industrial sewing head bad. Not done sewing straight, solid, uniform Bian Qi, and pins. Inspection method: together with the seam allowance cut, clean cloth. 3. dyeing and printing wrinkle, generally rendered on canvas count more, usually straight or diagonal-shaped, long and varies in width. Before dyeing or printing and dyeing process of wrinkling and normal fabric color difference; dyeing solid color in the washing process after the smaller crease color.