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Classification Of Swimsuit Fabrics
Jul 07, 2017

DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester is the most commonly used swimsuit materials. Any hollow, Ti flowers and other special patterns are out of the above three kinds of elastic material. Many new swimsuit will be added anti-ultraviolet, anti-chlorine and other special processing, so that swimming more secure and reliable!

Swimsuit fabric features

1. DuPont Lycra: is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, the best elastic fabric, can be extended to the original length of 4-6 times, excellent stretch, suitable for blending with a variety of fibers, can strengthen the texture, wrinkle-free advantages. DuPont Lycra, which is an anti-chlorine ingredient, will give swimsuit a longer service life than a typical swimsuit.

2. Nylon fabric: texture is not as good as Lycra solid, but the elasticity of softness has been comparable to Lycra. Currently the most commonly used for the swimsuit fabric, suitable for medium-priced products.

3. Polyester fabric: one-way, two stretch of elastic fabric. Due to limited elasticity, mostly applicable in swim trunks or women's swimsuit swimsuit, not suitable for one-piece style.

Lining and accessories

Swimsuit design to "comfortable", "close" principle. Most of the lining for nylon, and fabric elasticity to be consistent, it will not affect the consumer wearing comfort. Accessories must also be "elastic". Some fashion style swimsuit if the use of metal, Yakeli, shells and other inelastic accessories, the design will need to choose not affect the swimsuit elastic position to decorate, the application is appropriate, the accessories will have the finishing touch of the wonderful results.

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