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Bonding Fabric
Jun 05, 2017

From the "bonding" word we can see that this fabric is a multi-layer textile fabric, it consists of engineering and artificial multiple steps to be able to complete processing. We can make it as a sofa, clothes and other special necessities. Today, bonding fabrics have long been a modern life can not be missing a special fabric. We can in the bonding fabric itself to get a lot of "benefits", such as warm, rain and so on. Next, let's take a closer look at the composite fabric.

1, woven and woven bonding fabric

This bonding fabric is very suitable for the production of sportswear, transmission of the flexibility is very good, and the warm effect is also good. Of course, this bonding fabric appearance is also very good, has long been the market's hottest clothing products. Common bonding fabrics are mostly only as jacket coat, windbreaker, bright colors, the use of a strong sense.

2, ordinary bonding fabric

This fabric is different from the former, it is the material sub-material and the combination of material, and will use a special adhesive. This material texture of the fabric is very good, with the former must have lower prices, and more suitable for the production of clothing.

3, functional bonding fabric

Functional bonding fabric suitable for the production for a variety of sheets, mats and other items. This fabric has a waterproof, but also anti-radiation, anti-wear, very easy to use.


1. No matter what kind of bonding fabric, have adopted a new high-tech and high-tech materials, we can call it "new synthetic fiber." This fabric with a lot of synthetic fiber compared to it, it has a lot of excellent performance. For example, the fabric surface will show elegant and fresh style, and a look, the fabric of the lines are very delicate. Touch it, this fabric is also very plump. If it is used as a warm supplies, absolutely breathable and windproof.

2. bonding fabric wear resistance is very strong, and feel soft, comfortable to use, this advantage part-time is too obvious. Because many of the fine fiber anti-wrinkle ability is poor, so the use of a double composite special skills process, not only to improve the anti-wrinkle, but also increased the warm and breathable, is absolutely the first choice for jacket fabric.