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Artificial Fiber Fabric
Jun 22, 2017

Artificial fiber fabric (chemical fiber)

1, the definition: chemical fiber is the use of natural high molecular substances or synthetic polymer materials, chemical processing and obtain the textile fiber in general.

2, classification (according to raw materials and production methods)

① artificial fiber: chemical fiber is the largest production of varieties, it is the use of cellulose or protein of natural high molecular substances such as wood, bagasse, reed, soybeans, cheese and other raw materials, chemical and mechanical processing. For example: rayon, rayon, artificial hair, tiger kapok, rich and strong cotton.

② synthetic fiber: synthetic fiber is a major category of chemical fiber, it is the use of petrochemical industry and coking industry by-products. For example: polyester, nylon, eye-lun, vinylon, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and so on are synthetic fibers

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