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Several Kinds Of Polyester Warp Knitting Fabric
Jun 12, 2017

Polyester warp knitted fabrics

Cloth flat Ting, bright color, thick and thin of the points. Thin type mainly used for shirts, skirts fabric; medium thick, thick type can be used for men and women in the clothing, windbreaker, coat, suits, trousers and other fabrics;

warp knitting brushed fabric

Mainly used for winter men and women coat, windbreaker, coat, trousers and other fabrics, fabric drape good, easy to wash, quick dry, no iron, but in the use of static accumulation, easy to adsorb dust;

Warp knitted mesh fabric

Taking the mesh fabric texture is thin, flexible and breathable, feel smooth and flexible, mainly used for summer clothes men and women shirt;

Warp knitted velvet/velboa fabric

The surface of the villi thick stands, feel thick, plump, soft, flexible, warm and good, mainly for winter clothing, children's clothing;

Warp knitting stitch-bonded pile fabric fabric

This kind of fabric has the feeling of being full and thick, the cloth body is firm and firm, the elasticity, the hygroscopicity, the warmth is good, the terry structure is stable, has the good service performance, mainly is the sportswear, the lapel T-shirt, the pajamas, the children's clothing and so on the fabric.