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What Are The Features Of Jacquard Sofa Fabrics?
Jun 10, 2017

1, bright and colorful, vivid and lifelike: usually, jacquard fabric after weaving jacquard unique technology, the production of products will be very rich in color, can weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals such as beautiful patterns, the pattern will not worry about the monotonous pattern, convex, strong sense of three-dimensional and higher grades

2, in general, the quality of cotton yarn is too much, it is impossible to weave a molding pattern, so the selection of jacquard fabric raw materials are high-quality cotton, yarn weaving to be more detailed, generally around 40s. The jacquard bed made of this kind of fabric is more solid, soft and smooth, wear-resistant and difficult to change, and it is not easy to fade when washing. It feels more comfortable and breathable when using

3, monochrome jacquard fabric for jacquard dyeing fabric, is a jacquard woven jacquard fabric after dyeing and then dyed solid color fabric. This kind of jacquard fabric has the unique texture of soft texture, delicate and smooth, its gloss, drape and air permeability are better, the color fastness is also high, no pilling, no fading. Like large jacquard fabric, its design range is large and exquisite, color levels are distinct, three-dimensional feeling is very strong, and the pattern of small jacquard fabric is relatively simple for a long time.

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