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What material does the curtain have? What suits you is the best!
Sep 28, 2017

Nowadays, when buying curtains, they often take their fancy styles and colors into consideration only, without taking into consideration their functionality. Curtain fabrics often affect the effect of home decoration, as well as noise, light and other effects on daily life. Understanding the curtain fabric is a great help to us when we buy curtains. Well, what kind of fabric does the curtain have? There are many kinds of curtain fabric on the market. We don't know what the curtain fabric has and what kind of curtain fabric. Next, I'll share some knowledge about the curtains, so let's have a look!

Curtain fabric features

1, cotton fabric: the advantages are comfortable, breathable, soft, warm, anti sensitive, easy to clean, the drawback is easy to wrinkle, shrink, easy to deformation, easy to fade.

2, linen fabric: the advantages of natural fabric, comfortable, light and breathable; shortcomings: easy to wrinkle, poor elasticity.

3, wool fabric: the advantages are light, soft, warm, anti wrinkle, dirty, not easy leg color; shortcomings are easy to generate insects, dry cleaning only, high cost.

4, silk fabric: the advantages are good gloss, bright colors, light and thin, soft and moisture absorption; the drawback is shrinkage, wrinkle easily, washed easily fade and ironing.

5 polyester fabric: the advantages are high strength, good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, corrosion resistance, silk like feeling, gloss, weakness is not soft enough, poor ventilation, easy to generate static electricity, not easy to dye.

6, nylon fabric: nylon, also known as nylon, has the advantage of good wear resistance, often blended with wool, to enhance its fastness; shortcomings are poor ventilation performance, easy to static.

7, cotton fabric: soft, the utility model has the advantages of both advantages, cotton and linen texture is strong; the disadvantage is not easy to fade, anti wrinkle.

Classification of curtain fabrics

According to the material of curtain fabric, they can be divided into three kinds: natural fiber, chemical fiber and blended fabric.

1. Natural fibers mainly include: cotton, hemp, wool, silk and so on.

2, chemical fiber including synthetic fibers and regenerated fibers: synthetic fiber is a by-product of petroleum chemical industry and coking industry, mainly including polyester, nylon, acrylic fiber; regenerated fiber, the rice straw and bark cellulose was dissolved after spinning products, mainly including viscose, rayon, rayon, etc..

3, chemical fiber and blended fabric of cotton, wool, silk and other natural fibers such as hemp blended yarn woven products, mainly including: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester and flax etc..

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