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What kind of fabric sofa fabric is good How to distinguish the fabric is good or bad
Apr 07, 2018

1. The seats and back covers of sofa fabrics, patterned high-grade fabric sofas are generally designed for live surfaces. Can be removed for cleaning. And there is usually a cotton lining. Touch the linings and fillers inside the sofa with your hands to see if they are smooth and even. The direction of the plush fabric fabric is consistent and smooth. Second, check the sofa's pattern, such as the flower pattern can generally check the circular semi-circular armrest at the flower color, flower shape, the whole pattern is consistent, smooth. If the checkered pattern is to check whether the fabric is horizontal and vertical, there is no distortion or tilt.

2. Buying well-known brand consumers should not only decide whether to purchase a sofa or not based on affordable prices. In fact, the sofa in the production process is also very particular about. For example, whether the material is made of genuine leather, whether the fabric pattern is complete, and whether the sewing thread is even. Therefore, at the time of purchase, most of the well-known manufacturers that have long recognized the consumers will have certain guarantees in terms of quality, warranty period, and after-sales service, so that consumers can be assured.

3, sofa use materials quality sofas are using real leather, the surface is not cracked, fine grain texture, feels a sense of cortex but not greasy, with a finger gently squeeze a gently upward, flexible and powerful. Exposed metal parts such as armrests, gaps between the backrest and the base should be free from edges and burrs. The wooden surface should be exquisitely smooth, free from scratches, scratches, scratches, and chamfered on the outside.

4. The sofa's elastic body sits on the sofa in a free fall state. If it is a sofa with good quality, it can be played at least twice. Such sofa flexibility can be called good. Good flexibility can extend the life of the sofa. It is also necessary to sit down and feel the inclination of the sofa seat and the back and the curvature of the neck above the back, and whether the neck, waist, back, buttocks and other parts of the body fit together before deciding whether to purchase.

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