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What is the warp knitting
Dec 07, 2017

What is the warp knitting

The name of the warp knitted fabric comes from the woven fabric. The difference between the warp knitting and the weft knitting is that the coils formed in it are arranged in the vertical direction or in the direction of the warp, which are connected by the adjacent yarns. Used like weaving machines, all of the yarns are placed on the beam, is located in the knitting area behind and above all at the same time, the yarn feed into the knitting area. Each yarn is controlled by a single needle during the fitting process. However, the guide comb Chlamys control the position of the yarn, and the needle used in each circle may change. The jacquard mechanism can be used to control the needle for the production of complex warp knitted fabric. In view of the features used in the warp knitting process, the position of the yarn supply device and the overlapping of parallel yarns, it is sometimes referred to as a warp knitting machine.

Fundamentally, warp knitted fabric is a processing system for the production of flat fabrics. The fabric has a straight side, high production speed and large output. Warp knitted fabric can be classified according to the use of the equipment and fabric characteristics, the main types are: tricot, Raschel, Milan nice and simplex. The most common is Terry Coto and rachel.

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