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What is the fabric of VISCOSA?
May 06, 2018


97% cotton, spandex 3%

In many high-end products, elastic spandex fibers not only show good elasticity, but also have high strength, high elastic modulus, and good recovery. In recent years, they have become popular all over the world. The fabric weaved by it is soft and elastic, and can significantly improve wearing comfort and added value. If the spandex bare yarn is mixed with rayon fiber blended high-grade knitted fabrics, the performance of the two fibers can be fully utilized to complement each other and icing on the cake. The garments made from this fabric have many characteristics such as high elasticity, softness, comfort, moisture absorption, breathability, smoothness, easy care and the like, and are high-tech products suitable for the human body that are developed for the human body and skin characteristics, and their performance is ordinary fabrics. Unmatched, the added value of the product is quite high, and it has been popular for many years.

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