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What is the difference between the warp knitted fabric and the weft knitted fabric
Dec 07, 2017

What is the difference between the warp knitted fabric and the weft knitted fabric

Compared with weft knits, the warp knitted fabrics are generally smaller in extensibility. Most weft knitted fabrics have significant lateral extensibility. The extensibility of the warp knitted fabric is related to the number of comb Chlamys and the tissue. Some warp knitted fabrics have extensibility in both transverse and longitudinal directions, but some fabrics have good dimensional stability. Warp knitted fabric can be used in different tissues, reduce defects like raveling coil of weft knitted fabrics for the broken yarn and holes caused by. In addition, warp knitted fabric can be woven with different weft yarns, and can form different forms of mesh structure and simple pattern transformation, because almost all fabric organizations can be woven. But on the other hand, warp knitted fabric is difficult to get shaped products like some weft knitted fabrics. Generally, it must be tailored, sewing and other auxiliary processes, and also for warping and weaving.

The warp knitted fabric has a certain extensibility and tensile property, although its value is lower than the weft knit. Factors affecting the tensile properties of fabrics include fabric structure (such as single comb, double bar tricot, Raschel fabric); tightness fabric (fabric more closely, the tensile properties of the lower); finishing process (can impart the fabric dimensional stability good machine); number (number of needles per unit of width); type of yarn (such as elastic core spun yarn, elastic little or no fancy yarn, with good dimensional stability of single yarn or thread).

The ways to increase the strength of the braid are: the use of high strength fiber yarns, the use of the yarn with a balanced structure, the use of higher machine numbers and fine yarn of fine strength. In addition, the strength of the fabric will be affected by the use of the wire of different fiber yarns and the spacing of the coils.

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