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What fabric cloth sofa quality good
Apr 01, 2018

One: Linen sofa

Mabusha Hair The most powerful function is that it has a very good thermal conductivity, Mabusha hair texture close and yet soft, soft and hard moderate, with a kind of simple and natural temperament. In the summer, there is no need to worry about the linen sofa because of human sweating and the signs of adhesion, is very suitable for the spring and autumn of a sofa.

Two: Blended sofa

Blended fabric sofa is made of cotton material and chemical fiber material, blended fabric sofa can show the silk, flannel, hemp material visual effects. With the different chemical fiber and mixed fiber, blending of the rise, coupled with dyeing and finishing process of increasingly perfect, blended fabric of fabric sofa soft feel and high simulation effect can be almost genuine.

Three: Cotton sofa

Pure cotton heat resistance and alkali resistance makes pure cotton fabric sofa in cleaning or cleaning process is not easy to be damaged. Pure cotton fabric sofa air permeability is better, close to the skin and natural environmental protection, is currently the market share the most extensive models. The pastoral style is used most in cotton sofas.

Four: Flannel sofa

Flannel fabric price Slightly more expensive, flannel fabric sofa texture soft, feel comfortable and smooth and full of elasticity. Like the fur of small animals, flannel sofa gives the most profound impression that it is super delicate, gentle. Flannel sofa material changes are also very large, from corduroy, to the present suede, can be described from rough to exquisite, has undergone many reforms.

V: Pibb Combined sofa

At present, there appears a kind of leather material, in fact, the sofa fabric, such as red new leather flannel sofa, wheat fiber cloth sofa. Pibb sofa is one of the hottest and most popular sofas recently, and now the latest leather cloth combined with sofa fabric is made from nanometer material, which is more convenient for cleaning. In the back handrails and other easily dirty but not easy to wash the place is the skin, and other intimate contact with the human body and easy to wash the place is cloth, Pibb use the same color.

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