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What are the sofa fabric? What are the pros and cons?
Apr 01, 2018

Sofa fabric is actually said to be a number of professional names, left and right sofa for you summed up the following six kinds, you can follow the pros and cons to find the most suitable for their own sofa fabric.

1, Cotton: advantages: Suction Sweat breathable, soft, sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to fluff the ball.

Disadvantages: Wrinkle, shrinkage, easy deformation.

2, Wool: Advantages: Warm, soft wool, good elasticity, strong insulation.

Disadvantages: Easy to start the ball, shrinkage, felt reaction

3, Nylon: Advantages: Smooth surface, lighter, durable, easy to wash easy to dry, flexible and flexible.

Disadvantage: Easy to produce static electricity.

4, Polyester Fiber: Advantages: Good elasticity, rigid soft, soft hair

Disadvantages: Poor permeability, easy to start static electricity and fur ball.

5, Polyester: Advantages: Chemical fiber fabrics, easy to handle, no ironing

Disadvantages: But the permeability is poor, easy to produce static electricity, not easy to stain.

6, Viscose: Luster than cotton cloth bright, soft and smooth, body bone soft and vertical weight, lack of elasticity, knead easy wrinkles, folding place easy to restore

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