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What are the options for a sofa set?
Sep 28, 2017

There are two choices for a sofa cover: one with a sofa line and the other with a loose cover. Sofa cloth is thicker than cord and wearable. The sofa is flexible enough to come from the mezzanine, irrespective of the fabric used.

The traditional sofa with linen, with durable linen fibers with cotton into yarn; synthesis of about 10% of the current commercial production (such as nylon), made of soft cotton and more strong, wear linen sofa cushion is more suitable for the normal use of the surface. Closely knit cotton fabric seems weak, and will be more durable than hemp and fiber. It is more durable and more suitable for making loose covers. The most suitable material for use as a loose fabric is knit, with proper balance between the warp and the weft of the fabric.

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